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It's a toss-up as to which is more of a crack-up...the hypochondriac
Guest Star Patient
they've written for Marty Ingels
in the "Heart of the Matter" episode of E.R. or the
stuff going on between takes!  - Air Date: November 2nd

Here to see the ad that ran in Variety and the Hollywood Reporter

was nominated for an Emmy for her performance in "Hidden Places".
The 58th annual Emmy Awards took place on August 27th, 2006.
Unfortunately she did not win, but yes, it was an honor to be nominated.


   For Mother's Day Shirley was home in Southern California
at her beautiful mountain house in San Bernardino.
Friends Sherry McDanial, Art Harriman and Richard Moll 
gave Shirley and her son Patrick Cassidy a dinner party.

Shirley with Richard

The party was to celebrate Mother's Day and also Patrick and Family's
Los Angeles tour of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat".

Patrick and his son Cole from the final performance we saw on July 2nd '06
at the historic Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, California.

Patrick Cassidy and his entire family, beautiful and talented wife Melissa Hurley Cassidy and their
adorable sons Cole and Jack, wrapped up their Los Angeles run of "
 The entire ensemble is fantastic. What a fun and colorful show.


Shirley was part of the Hollywood Bowl Sunrise Service for 2006. I do not
have photos from this performance, but I do have these from a few years back
when I attended with Shirley and Marty. It was actually Shirley's birthday since
Easter was on March 31st in '01. This year Shirley joined tenor Carl Tanner and
six year old pianist Marc Yu. They always have a young musical protégé perform
as well as a number of local California choirs.

The young man you see with Shirley in the photograph above is Austin Hanson.
Ten years old at that time
(2001) and a prodigy who began learning the violin at
only four years of age. ABC covered the event again for 2006 but unfortunately
they only ran a
very brief shot of Shirley on stage.

Too early for Santa Claus? Not really. I want to report to you that the editing for
"Who Stole Santa's Sack" is underway. Shirley did the voice-over for the
role of Mrs. Claus. This is an musical animated tale that follows the exciting journey
of a young orphan girl. Other celebrities contributing to the cast of characters are 
Edward Asner, Andy Griffith,  Kathy Bates
Jay Leno and at least a dozen more.

March was full of birthday's. 
The first week Shirley celebrated
her youngest grandson's 1st birthday.

On the 10th
(his B-Day is the 9th) it was a surprise party for Marty
and then it was Shirley's turn. She celebrated on March 31st.
Marty sent a photo-collage to honor her.
Click on the Birthday cat above to view

I have posted a video of Marty from his birthday party.
 To view click on his photograph above

On Friday the 10th of March, Shirley pulled off a fabulous surprise party and roast
for husband Marty Ingels. His day is actually March 9th and Marty had been so depressed
thinking that no one had  remembered his 70th Birthday.

He was completely surprised by the roast
that Shirley set up at the Friar's Club in Beverly Hills.

If the photos are not scrolling, please refresh the page.

 The slide show above has all the still photographs I took in the dim light at the Friar's Club.
What you see is Marty's surprise just after he enters the room with Shirley. She got him there
on the pretense that they were just dropping by to have a drink with an old friend.
Marty spent the next hour going around to each table to chat with every guest.
Then we dined on a delicious meal of either chicken or salmon before the roast began.

Patrick Cassidy who is touring with "Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"
could not be there, however he wrote a very touching letter that Shirley read out loud.
Shirley broke down in tears and so did Marty when it came to the part
where Pat said "Happy Birthday & I Love You"


2006 invitation

The 78th Academy Awards presentation was broadcast
ABC March 5th

The Ingels receive their formal invitation each year & pass it along to me so that
I may share it with you. As an Academy Award winning actress for her role in
"Elmer Gantry" (1960) Shirley always receives an invite.

The show is now held at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.

The new theatre was built a few years back to accommodate the large amount of
people who attend the exciting annual event. It's still not large enough for all the requests,
so it actually comes down to a lottery system each year.

The photo above was taken outside of their previous home in Beverly Hills in the year 1998.
You may recall that the Academy brought together a large group of previous award winners for a brief
spot on the live broadcast that year. Shirley was happy to take part in the celebration. However,
Shirley is not big on going out to large celebrity events like this. She and Marty usually stay home
to watch it from the comfort of their living room. In fact, in the year 2000, I asked them for an
Oscar night photo to post here online. They sent that picture of the two of them relaxing in the den

Comedy Central's Jon Stewart was the host of the
Academy Awards Presentation.

Jon was a guest on "Larry King Live" the Monday evening before.
He mentioned Shirley when Larry asked if he was at all nervous about
how well he would do hosting such a major television event.
Click HERE to view the clip.



Click on the little photo of Shirley wearing one of her costumes.
It's a link to more news about a day on location back in March of 2005.
Plus, there's a video clip of Shirley talking about all the fun she had making this film.

There was some controversy over her role and those
lines that she speaks in the movie.
Our email ran about half and half. Some of you were not too happy,
while the other half said things like "You go girl" and "It's only a character".

Shirley told me that on the day they wrapped the film, the producers
sent her a huge beautiful bouquet of flowers and a note that read
"Thanks for letting us ruin your good reputation".

  Shirley just gave her usual carefree laugh. She had a great time working with
Shirley Knight, Doris Roberts, and all her cute young male co-stars!


Update on Emails: By far, the majority of our email notes were positive
and state that Shirley is the best part of the movie. This is not Shirley's first
career shocker.  Her lines in "Elmer Gantry" which won her the Academy Award
were certainly as provocative for the time. The bottom line is she's having fun playing a
 diverse set of characters from her work on Sesame Street, to Grace in "Grandma's Boy"
 and goofy Aunt Batty in "Hidden Places".

We were honored to attend a special screening of
"Grandma's Boy". 

No photographs were allowed during the viewing or inside of the William Fox Theatre
that seats 53 people. This is a "Happy Madison" production from Adam Sandler.
It's distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The release date to theaters was January 6th, 06

I was allowed to take some shots around the historic lot that has been home to so many
classic movies and television programs since the 20's. It's been almost thirty years since
I set foot inside the vast city that is 20th Century Fox. I auditioned for
"The Love Boat" and a program you may recall called "Family".

Two photos I took back in March'05 on a location.
Shirley in makeup. Dancing with a co-star from Grandma's Boy.

We really enjoyed the movie. It 's about a 35 year old man named Alex (Allen Covert)
who is the oldest video game tester. He is designing a game that he hopes will make millions.
The plot revolves around the fact that Alex and his roommate Josh are kicked out of their apartment.
Josh spent their rent money elsewhere. Alex moves in with his Grandma played by Doris Robert.
She has two roommates already. Bea (Shirley Knight) who is not quite all there, and Grace
(Shirley Jones) who is for lack of a better word, a nymphomaniac. You won't want to take young kids
to this one. Shirley's character Grace is rated "R". She had a fabulous time making this movie
and I personally think it's just fine. But, this one generated a lot of mail for her site!
Most of it was positive.

 "Hidden Places" aired on
January 28th, 2006 at 9pm on the Hallmark Channel.

 From the field surrounding the Wyatt Ranch location.
I took this photo on May 2nd, 2005. The house built in 1897
is used in the filming of Shirley's Hallmark movie titled:

   "Hidden Places"

This is a period piece adapted by script writer Robert Tate Miller
from Lynn N. Austin's inspirational book about a widow who
dreams of keeping her home after her husband dies and the 
mysterious stranger who arrives to bring the family hope.
The story set in 1934, takes place during the depression era.

 Movie News 

On location for the filming of
"Hidden Places"

Hair and Makeup

 An hour and a half north/west of Hollywood, Calif. is a very popular place to film.
It's a largely unpopulated area that can easily resemble the countryside
 in the early part of the twentieth century.
The horses in the small corral are very friendly. I think they are in the movie.
Inside the old barn is a nice cool place to hold the required schooling for the many
young child actors who are also in this production.
On the day I visited the location they were filming the funeral scenes.
(not for Shirley's character Aunt Batty).

Off camera  
The lunch area was pleasant. This was another low key, friendly set. They invited me to join.
One thing I've notices about show biz, they always feed everyone very well and there's quite a variety.


The made-for-TV Movie has Shirley playing a character
 named Aunt Batty. She's a slightly eccentric woman with an
 interesting past that is quite integral to the entire story.
Shirley says she's rather bossy too. Telling everyone what to do.

For those who would rather see Shirley in the more matronly roles,
you will be pleased. There's not much glamour for this part. Shirley wears very
little makeup and drab costumes for this rather somber yet hopeful period piece.
This is a complete opposite of her comic character "Grace" in Nana's Boy.

Here is the famous Piru Manson. It's privately owned and rented out to
production companies all year long. It's not far from the location where
"Hidden Places" was shot. This house was used in Shirley's movie "Ping"
and you have seen it in many well known TV shows. It was used for the filming
of an X-Files episode just before Shirley's movie was shot there on location in 1999.


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