The Partridge Family
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Well who DIDN'T have a Partridge Family lunchbox in the 70's!
Actually, I didn't. This is a very special Christmas gift that I received a few years back.
& that second photo above, is the back.
To the right are the two Thermos' that were available. I'm told that the plastic one,
to the left, is the most valuable of the two.

bookhifi.jpg (22037 bytes) This is a silly book from 1995.
It gives a listing of over 100 celebrity actors who REALLY should not sing!
Danny Bonaduce got the dubious honor of being placed on the front cover of this collection.
The lady in the photo, highlighted with a yellow arrow, looks a lot like a young Shirley Jones!
However, Shirley would never be placed in a book like this!

Kiddush1.wmf (5104 bytes)The most requested      
Partridge Family Song
at this Web Site - Click "HERE"       


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Send a nostalgic mini-birthday-card from the '70s!
Print out this page, cut and fold.

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After the regular series ended in '74,  there was a cartoon version
that was presented on ABC from September 1974 to 1975.
The Partridge Family, 2200 A.D. had other actors do the voices of   Shirley, David and Susan.
Danny, Brian and Suzanne did do their own voice-over work for their characters

Click for the TV Guide Review of "The Partridge Family"

The original show premiered on September 25th 1970 and ran until August of 1974
The covers shown below are the first two issues of The Official Partridge Family Magazine.
The first issue hit the stands in December of 1970, followed quickly by
The second issue that went on sale on January the 19th of '71

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Here is the first "very old" sound file.
Each cast member recorded a brief HELLO on these Fan Club records.
Yes, it was scripted for them, but it is still a hoot to hear these.
This sample is of what Shirley said on the 1st record offered through
The Partridge Family Fan Club
The old plastic is a mess, so don't expect greatness.
There are lots of  pops and crackling sound to add to the nostalgia?

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flower10.wmf (7980 bytes) In the early 1970's you could buy The Partridge Family.
Everyone knows about the lunch box.

What you may, or may not recall are the fan clubs that were set up by
the Charles and Ira
Laufer Company.
So what did you get for your $2.00, plus 25 cents postage and handling?

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The first year that The Partridge Family Fan Club was offered, you would receive that black and white
flimsy plastic record shown above.
You were to cut it out, place it on the old turntable and each cast member said a few words.
By the following year you could purchase that groovy pink cardboard and plastic record with their photo
on it. About that time, you could also send in a few dollars and join The David Cassidy Fan Club, by Laufer.

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With your Partridge Family membership you would be sent an 8X10 of each cast member,
and this sheet of wallet size photos. Notice that you got two of  Shirley, David, and Susan.
One of Suzanne, Jeremy and Danny. But where is Dave Madden!
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Dave Madden dave.jpg (7570 bytes)was the first "Partridge Family"
cast member that I was able to meet. This was on the studio lot --  In 1972 -- I think?

David Cassidy also did a recording for his club recorddc.jpg (11378 bytes)

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There was so much merchandise to buy.

View Master  had several "Partridge Family" reels available. pfstuff.jpg (15483 bytes)

      This collage to the left includes the box top from 

The Official Partridge Family bubble gum cards.
leadcard.jpg (6552 bytes) Please click the card to view examples.
You could buy them in small wrapped packages for fifteen cents.
Or simply buy the whole box load!



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Shirley Jones
& David Cassidy 

They were on the cover of almost every magazine in the early seventies.
Shirley and David even posed for these three photographs 
on the Partridge Family living room sound stage.
These are outfits from "Knitting World"  
 If you had the talent you could knit them for yourself. 
I still have the dress, hat and scarf that Shirley is modeling. There are even 
directions on how to knit the nifty belt that David is wearing above.

Groovy Flashbacks  

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The Partridge Family's  30th Birthday

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