Easter Sunday 2002
The Easter Sunrise Service has been a tradition at
The Hollywood Bowl since 1921.

Shirley was honored to be asked to participate for the 80th Anniversary
celebration of this beautiful tradition in the "City of Angels".

The service began at five a.m.
There was a slight chill in the air at the famous Hollywood outdoor amphitheatre.
  Yet it was amazingly pleasant because of a heavy fog that blanketed most
of city and held in much of it's warmth.

Shirley, dressed in a gorgeous white beaded gown with matching duster,
 looked radiant even at that early hour. She sounded as awe-inspiring as ever!
I wish I had a recording. I'm a little disappointed with ABC.
They did cover the historic service, but at least in Los Angeles,
they did not show footage of Shirley singing as the doves of peace
flew from the rafters during her magnificent rendition of

"Let There Be Peace On Earth"
(I'm very sorry that I did not have my video camera with me)

Here is a collage of the photographs I took at the Bowl
on Shirley's 68th Birthday, March 31st 2002.
They did announce that she was a birthday girl.

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