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Major Motion Pictures 

1955 Oklahoma! - Musical  -  Click for from Shirley about the filming of her first movie.
1956 Carousel - Musical
1957 April Love - Musical
1959 Never Steal Anything Small - Musical Comedy
1960 Bobbikins - Comedy
1960 Elmer Gantry - Drama -- Academy Award  
1960 Pepe - Musical
1961 Two Rode Together - Drama
1962 The Music Man - Musical Comedy
1963 The Courtship of Eddie's Father - Drama
1963 A Ticklish Affair - Comedy/Drama
1964 Dark Purpose - Drama
1964 Bedtime Story - Comedy
1965 Fluffy - Comedy      Click for more details
1965 The Secret of My Success - Comedy/Drama
1969 El Golfo - Directed by Vicente Escriva
1969 The Happy Ending - Drama
1970 The Cheyenne Social Club - Comedy
1979 Beyond the Poseidon Adventure - Drama
1984 Tank - Drama
1998 Gideon's Web - Drama
1999 I Know What You Screamed Last Summer - Comedy Spoof of Horror Films  
(Shirley has a cameo appearance)
1999 Ping - Comedy/Action Adventure Click for more details
2000 Manna From Heaven - Action Comedy Click for more details 
2002 BloodHead - Horror film  - Very scary! Click for stories about the filming.
2005 Nana's Boy - Comedy  with Shirley Knight
and Doris Roberts. This is an Adam Sandler Production


1969 Silent Night, Lonely Night - Drama
1970 But, I Don't Want to Get Married - Comedy
1973 The Girls of Huntington House - Drama
1975 The Family Nobody Wanted - Drama
1975 Winner Take All - Drama
1977 Yesterday's Child - Drama
1978 Who'll Save Our Children? - Drama
1978 Evening in Byzantium - Drama - Two Part Miniseries
1979 Last Cry for Help - Drama
1979 Visions of Christmas Past (from the '79 series Shirley)
1981 Inmates, A Love Story - Drama
1981 The Children of An Lac - Drama
1987 There Were Times, Dear - Drama
1993 The Last Mogul - Documentary of Jack L. Warner
1996 Rodgers and Hammerstein, The Sound of Movies - Host
1997 Dog's Best Friend - Comedy (Cable TV)
2005 Hidden Places - Drama, TV Movie for HALLMARK

Television Series and Pilots


1970 - 1974 The Partridge Family - ABC - Comedy 
  Click for more details
1979 - 1980 Shirley - NBC - Drama
  Click for the original TV Guide review


1965 Dream Wife - CBS - Comedy
1975 The Lives of Jenny Dolan - NBC - Mystery Drama
1982 The Adventures of Pollyanna - CBS- Adventure
1990 Charlie - CBS - Detective Drama
2003 Come To Papa - NBC - Comedy with Hal Linden
The show was going to be picked up for a season.
Then someone had a terrible idea to recast the leads.
This was a most disappointing time.


Stage Productions


"South Pacific" (on Broadway)


"Me and Juliet" (on the road, Chicago)


Touring Europe with "OKLAHOMA!"


"The Beggar's Opera" (with Jack Cassidy)


"Maggie Flynn" (with Jack)


"Wait Until Dark" (with Jack)


"The Marriage Band" (with Jack)

1973 & '74

"On A Clear Day"
(Touring while on hiatus from Partridge Family)


National Tour with "Show Boat"


Touring with "The Sound Of Music"


"Bittersweet" Long Beach Civic Light Opera


"Love Letters" at The Allenberry Theatre, Pa., with Marty


 "The King and I" Summer Tour, Several Cities


"Love Letters" with Marty. (Northern California Tour) 


"42nd Street" on Broadway - with her son
Patrick Cassidy


"Carousel" summer production
 playing the role of Aunt Nettie

Shirley and Marty
performed "Love Letter" in Victorville, California
October of 1999 

Please click and read our three stories
The Workshop

The Buffet

The Play

The only non-musicals are "Wait Until Dark"  with Jack Cassidy and 
"Love Letters" with her husband Marty Ingels. 
Shirley also performed in "A Christmas Carol" in the early 90's. 
That production was wrought with problems. The tour was not completed.
The entire cast, including Shirley came down with a terrible flu as well. (not fun!)

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