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Oklahoma! - 1955
with Gordon MacRae

Carousel - 1956
with Gordon MacRae

April Love - 1957
with Pat Boone

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Never Steal Anything Small - 1959
James Cagney

Bobbikins - 1960
Max Bygraves

Elmer Gantry - 1960
Burt Lancaster & Jean Simmons
Shirley won the Academy Award
for Best Supporting Actress 

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Pepe - 1960

Two Rode Together - 1961
James Stewart & Richard Widmark

The Music Man - 1962
Robert Preston & Ron Howard

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Courtship of Eddie's Father - 1963
Glenn Ford & Ron Howard

A Ticklish Affair - 1963
with Gig Young and Carolyn Jones

Dark Purpose - 1964
Rossano Brazzi

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Bedtime Story - 1964
David Niven & Marlon Brando

Fluffy - 1965
Tony Randall

The Secret Of My Success - 1965
James Booth

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The Happy Ending - 1969
Lloyd Bridges & Jean Simmons

The Cheyenne Social Club - 1970
James Stewart & Henry Fonda

Beyond The Poseidon Adventure - 1979
Michael Caine & Sally Fields

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Tank - 1984
with James Garner

Made for Television - Silent Night, Lonely Night
with Lloyd Bridges - 1969
Shirley got an Emmy
nomination for her role in this film.

Made for Cable
There Were Times, Dear - 1987
with Len Cariou
Shirley was nominated for another
Emmy for her role in this movie.

Photo from the movie "Ping" that Shirley filmed in the 
summer months of 1999. (available on DVD)

"Manna From Heaven" is in limited release across the country.
Please tell your local theater manager that you would like to
have this movie shown in your hometown!

Shirley is pictured here with co-star Frank Gorshin

And the Horror Spoof "I Know What You Screamed Last Summer",
Name changed to "Shriek If you know what I did last Friday the 13th"
Available on DVD

 Photos from the location shoot for Shirley's first horror film "BLOODHEAD" filmed 2002




On the set of "Hidden Places" 2005  TV movie for Hallmark

 Filmography has been updated.
It now included her stage plays as well..

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