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Videos from Shirley, her feature film gallery, a great biography.
Plus there's an audio recording of her singing her favorite song.
 Partridge Family links, and much more!


The new DVD specialty label "Twilight Time" will feature several vintage
20th Century Fox films including APRIL LOVE.


Ryan, David, Patrick and Shaun Cassidy
They had a very cute sit-com  for 13 weeks.
Sadly, the show was not picked up by ABC FAMILY.
"Ruby & The Rockits" is no more and everyone is very depressed about it!
Shirley  made a guest appearance in September.
She was wonderful as Ruby's offbeat grandmother.

  Shirley had a fun Halloween 2010!
She spent time with her grandkids.
Shirley went trick or treating as a Pumpkin.
She wore a large orange jumpsuit and wig. 

cat.gif (5925 bytes)reuben.jpg (5843 bytes)butterfly.gif (1409 bytes)
We just love Dave Madden! 

 This was the silliest "The Partridge Family" episode
that Dave had to endure.

Webmaster note: I spoke with Shirley tonight.
Her words: "I Loved Him, I loved his Humor.
He took care of us and was a great force behind the show" ( Partridge Family) .

I gave Shirley and Marty these glasses for the holidays.


Shirley did some voice-over work for a movie titled:
"Christmas Is Here Again"
Released to DVD - Now Available.
Shirley Jones is the voice of Mrs. Claus
Andy Griffith is the voice of Santa Claus
and Jay Leno is the story's narrator.

Shirley working on her voice-overs for "Christmas Is Here Again"
I was invites to the studio by Shirley Jones. I took this photo, exclusively for Shirley



For Shirley Jones. net


Here are three new photos that I took at Shirley's recent concert in Banning, California.
That first adorable picture was taken just outside Shirley's dressing room.
The show was running a little behind schedule so Shirley decided to be comfortable and
was walking around in half of her costume. She is so amazing, a women in her 70s,
and she's in better shape than most people half her age.

The second photograph was taken during the actual performance.
Shirley looks so elegant. She's such a classy lady!

This shot was taken during rehearsal in the afternoon.
I thought it came out nice. You can see Shirley and her
musical director Ron Abel's view of the auditorium from the stage.
It was a beautiful hall and it was packed.

I had the honor of visiting the house and took these new photos of Shirley and Marty's
adorable dogs. Buff is big, calm and cuddly. Hanna is small, cuddly and active. As you can see
I had trouble getting a still photograph. Hanna has been with Shirley and Marty for about two years
while Patrick Cassidy and family have been touring around the country. The problem is
Shirley and Marty have fallen in love with Hanna too.
They dread the thought of giving her back!

Shirley was honored by the
 Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera
Saturday, June 2nd - 2007


Exclusive photographs from
"Many Thanks" to Shirley and Marty!

On Big Bear Lake well over a decade ago
(We all look so young!)
Shirley and Marty sold this boat several years back, but they have many 
happy memories of sailing with family and friend aboard their pontoon boat.

Fawn Park
Shirley and Marty purchased the property in 2001.
Click on the photo below for a recent slideshow of how the park has grown.


The first banner for "Fawn Park" ('04)
Shirley and Marty receive the steel memorial artifact
from New York's Twin Towers

"The Little Park that Could"     November 23rd, 2005
from writer Judi Bowers of The Big Bear Grizzly.

The sign reads the tables are coming, when in fact that tables are here! (Finally)

These are special tables with matching trash cans all made extra sturdy to take the
punishment of winter. They have concrete bases, so they won't sink into the ground.
 The stage on the west end of the park is still a ways away from being ready. By next summer,
Shirley and Marty dream of having outdoor concerts that will become a staple at the park.
I'm sure they will be the first to grace the stage when it opens!
  Fawn Park is set up as a non-profit organization. Donations are gratefully accepted to help
complete the stage and the memorial site for the tribute to the victims of 911
which includes apiece of steel from the Twin Towers. Click Here for information.

The Ingels sent a letter requesting a memento from the 9/11 tragedy.
They were told that few were available and that high priority was needed.
Letters and stories of the new park and Marty's persistence convinced the powers that be
to approve the donation. .
Marty said that the park represents what America is all about.
The monument marks a period of our current history that will never be forgotten
and it will be persevered in Fawn Park for all future generations.


The 13th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
Sunday, January 28th 2007


Shirley was competing for
Outstanding Performance by a Female Actress
in a Television Movie or Mini-Series
for her excellent work in "Hidden Places"

We were disappointed that Shirley was not awarded the ACTOR.
Of course we congratulate Helen Mirren who won the trophy for "Elizabeth 1"

Shirley, Buff and Marty?!



   I asked Shirley if she had some photos from her
wonderful working summer vacation
in Australia 2006.

She sent some marvelous photographic treasures to share with all of you.
The first frame is Shirley and dear friend Trish on a day off.
They went to the zoo to meet a cuddly koala bear and many other
creatures. Shirley said that she was most fond of the beautiful tigers.

The rest of the photos are with cast and crew.
A group photo on the beach with adorable Matt Funke (Ben)
Samantha Shelton who played the notorious Kathy, and series star
Virginia Williams (Bianca Foster). Shirley played their grandmother
Grace Foster on the 14 part LIFETIME series. Shirley was in 10 of the episodes.
 Shirley also told me that she had fun paling around with co-star Rachel Ward who portrayed
the fascinating Arianna Preston. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of them together.

  Shirley's "Monarch Cove"  Experience
 In her own words.

(click on each spinning disc)
 Video Clip #1         Video Clip #2

Scroll down this page for more information about "MONARCH COVE"

Frequently asked questions for December

Q:  What did Shirley and Marty do for their anniversary in November?
Where did they celebrate the H
olidays? How's the family?

For their anniversary she said they simply stayed at home
and enjoyed some caviar, and Stoli's Gold.

Once again they had a nice quiet
Thanksgiving with some neighbors.
Shirley and Marty don't really do the Hollywood partying stuff.

The Ingels' attended the annual Dog Show held at the Long Beach
Convention Center last month. They had a completely wonderful time
and stayed at the Hilton Towers overnight.

Christmas She went to Shaun's home in the Hollywood Hills
where he had the family gathering. Her youngest granddaughter was in the school play.
She got the role of Amaryllis in "The Music Man". Shirley said that when
Juliet sang "Goodnight My Someone" along with the actress playing Marian Paroo
she just wept because her little voice is so beautiful.

She also cried when she heard the song that her son Patrick Cassidy sings about her
in his new one-man-show. He debuted the show at the retirement condo's in Florida.
We certainly hope he will travel all around the country! It sounds awesome.

Patrick wrote the show himself and Shirley gave away the fun opening.
In a black-out you hear the voices of the Cassidy Family talking around the dinner table.
Shirley, Jack, himself and brothers Shaun and Ryan. Then Patrick opens the show with
a very familiar tune! There is also one song dedicated to brother David.

November 4th 2006  "Monarch Cove"
(AKA Bianca: Journey to Paradise)
began on
LIFETIME Television.

With co-star Matt Funke
Shirley spent her summer of 2006 filming on Australia's
 beautiful Gold Coast. She joined the cast of
LIFETIME'S primetime soap
originally titled "Bianca: Journey to Paradise" The show had a
title change to "Monarch Cove" before it premiered in early November.

Shirley took on a challenging role as a cancer patient struggling to
afford treatment. She was wonderful , of course, but sadly Shirley's
character "Grace" passed away after the first 10 episodes.
Hopefully, it will go into reruns & we can all watch those episodes again.

Shirley tapped a brief segment for "Trapped In TV Guide"
Tracy Gold is the host of the one hour show that plays pranks
on people along the same line as the old television program "Candid Camera".

The setup: Three men are interviewed for the job of manager of a family rock band.
As time goes on the references and similarities to "The Partridge Family" simply can not be ignored.

Shirley was asked to do a five minutes interview for "Trapped in TV Guide"
She spoke of several things including her dislike for reality shows.
She likes to see the acting process. She and Marty turned down a reality show that was
offered to them last year.
As Shirley put it:
"No one is coming into my house!"


Many fans have been asking for Shirley's 1970 movie
"The Cheyenne Social Club", to be released to DVD.
It's a fabulous Western/Comedy
 now available at: WARNERVIDEO.COM 
The film was directed by Gene Kelly and also stars James Stewart and Henry Fonda.

Shirley has been having fun on Sesame Street!
 She's just recently completed another segment for them.
They have plans to bring her back again for her
recurring role as school teacher Mother Goose.


I have a generous amount of
nostalgic photos that Shirley allowed me to copy
for use on her web site. I will grab some
rare photos from a disc each month.

August Photos (September photos soon)


  Shirley's recent movie "Grandma's Boy" is available at your local video stores.
To view the
on-the-set visit with Shirley, Click HERE.
That's co-star Shirley Knight in the photograph above.

I took this lovely picture of Shirley in her dressing room
just before the final performance of
"Television Favorites in Concert" 
at the Haugh Performing Arts Center in California.

Please click on this new photograph above for a page
exclusively on her
March 5th concert.
Click Here  
For Concert Clips.
Shirley's classic Concert CD Click Here

Recent Movie News

For behind the scenes photographs and film clips from Shirley's
 two most recent projects

Grandma's Boy and Hidden Places

Please click on the
computer above

Shirley's schedule 
What's coming up?
 new concert dates
and personal appearances


Odds and Ends  

In 2003, Shirley filmed this fun and entertaining movie from Five Sisters Productions.
Sadly, it did not get wide spread distribution to theaters. It's more difficult for independent film makers.

The Good News, you may now buy or rent it at your local stores.
MGM has released it on a DVD which includes special features such as bloopers &  a photo gallery.

To view Shirley's numerous personal appearances
from 2001 and 2006
Just click on this star


Shaun, Patrick, and Ryan Cassidy 

Patrick, David, Shirley, Shaun, Ryan 

Shirley's fans frequently enquire about "The Partridge Family"!
Please click on over to the "C'MON GET HAPPY" web site for the best
Partridge Page on the Internet & visit all of their "Great Links" to find wonderful sites 
for Shirley's stepson David, and her three boys 
Shaun, Patrick, and Ryan Cassidy.

Mark  Feeney
from The Boston Globe gave our site a 
friendly mention in his article about web sites for famous sit-com stars.
Please click "HERE" to view the copy that our friend Amy sent to us. 


I've been given a copy of the screenplay for
"Shirley & Marty"
written by David Lee Brant.
It's wonderful! This is the TV adaptation of their 1989 book
Shirley and Marty: An Unlikely Love Story.
More news as it becomes available.

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