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A look back to 1945 
Shirley's class photo 
at the age of 11.

 (Thanks Shirley) 



"This Is Your Life Shirley Jones" - 1971
"The Whale Song" - Most requested Partridge Family song at this Web Site
Shirley's High School Days at South Huntingdon High, Pennsylvania.
Miss Pittsburgh, Shirley won the title but have you ever wondered who beat her out for
the title of  Miss Pennsylvania? Shirley came in as the first runner-up!
Shirley's Senior year and Prom photos
Shirley's Senior High School Photograph
Take a tour of Shirley's Hometown of Smithton, Pa. 
The Early Years: Photographs from the age of 6 months to 21!
Shirley's 21st Birthday in Smithton, Pa. during a break in filming for OKLAHOMA!

Here's some nostalgic fun with 
an old magazine article from the 50's

The caption for this picture: 
"Shirley Jones
demonstrates with a co-operative friend some subtle stratagems
for catching a man. Let him think he's a hero and saved your life 
by taking a cinder out of your eye".
(I don't think a cinder in the eye was deadly, even in the 50's, 
but you've got to love the innocents of the time. It's g

Following the premiere of Oklahoma! in the mid fifties, 
Shirley was featured in all of the popular magazines such as 
Movie Land, Modern Screen and Photoplay.

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