Warner Grand Theatre
San Pedro, California
December 18th, 2006

Here are a couple shots from the day. I have more photographs (not as grainy) on my video camera.
 Photo #3   The silhouettes in the lobby doorway: Shirley with her manager watching the crew move
all the equipment from the orchestra section up to the balcony for their third and final location of the day.

In that last close-up photograph it looks as if Shirley is not very happy. However, that's not
the case at all. She is the ultimate professional. Shirley will enjoy herself between takes
but when the director is ready to roll, Shirley is always prepared. In this close up she is concentrating
on work, waiting for her cue with her lines running through her mind.
Shirley had a teleprompter,
yet she often has her lines memorized.

Much of the day is spent sitting and waiting because no matter how fast
the lighting crew works the process always takes a fair amount of time.